why iblade toolsetup logo 1128pxEvery company has the objective to produce faster and effectively. The set-up of machines partially completes, despite the increasingly sophisticated technology and know-how, an entire shift. Here, every second counts! Unfortunately, too many companies refrain to improve these processes and therefore the additional capacity in production as well.

Despite the developments and innovations in the machinery industry, the setup time of the profiling tools is still very long. The data are recorded on paper and the tools are still set on the machine by hand. Furthermore samples must be prepared and the actual and desired contours compared. This changing and adjusting the profile tools requires a lot of effort and time. Our software detects though the reading of tools and profile drawings in .dwg or .dxf format, the machinability to be created in units x and y and the corresponding angle. With iBlade Toolsetup, the profile tools are automatically prepared, so that the setup is enormously reduced. For profiling of work pieces, during the production are used consecutively more profile tools, which reflect as a tool set the desired profile.

Necessary for the automation is additional digitalization of the tool data for the entire tool cycle. Based on the tool and program data, the axis positions of the aggregates are calculated in the machine control. iBlade chips, integrated on the tools can store and read the exact target coordinates of the tool zero point, so that these points can be accurately controlled. Paired with the database Toolmanagement, it is possible to combine individual tools with different motors on different machines. The number of profiles, tools, aggregates/motor axes can be freely chosen.

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