branchenloesungen 1128x636pxWarehouse management, supplier management, setup and data security
Who doesn´t like his tools not optimally running, orders perfectly scheduled and thus work more efficiently, cheaper and faster? iBlade provides the full transparency of the tool insert and a control of the incurred costs. A complete tool item and warehouse management enables easy handling also with external service providers. By documenting the life and repair data, the tools can be put to best use and full capacity. iBlade® Management Tool is a modern and elegant stocktaking through which existing tools to be optimally managed. With this software, the tools can be easily booked for each sharpening service and back. All made bookings can be evaluated. In addition iBlade® Management Tool runs constantly an inventory, prints delivery notes and books them off automatically. By applying machine setups, with the respective motor settings and required tools, set-up time can be further shortened.



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What are the possibilities of affixing DataMatrix?

Band saw blades       End mills/Drills
tool id bandsaege mit datamatrix 1128px tool id schaftfraeser mit datamatrix 1128px


What are the possibilities of affixing RFID?  

Saw blades       Cutter       Toolholder
tool id saegeblatt mit chip eader 1128px tool id p system mit chip reader 1128px tool id toolholder mit chip reader 1128px