Tool - ID

why iblade werk id 1128pxWith Blade® soft- and hardware combination, it is possible to typify (initialize) the tools, to capture the lifetime, write data repair and for each tool print analysis reports.

By the "Offline" solution it is possible to exchange all relevant production, service and user data on the chip. With the highest data security and advanced encryption technology, this concept meets all requirements even without Internet connection. No data can be lost as everything is stored on the chip. The "cloud" or "online" solution makes it possible to work on DataMatrix or RFID technology. All concepts have everything in order to document a complete tool. With a new look, which is also ideally suited for operation with touch-enabled devices. Through various color coding it is very easy and simple the applying of tools and data. With the software "iB_Toolmanagement" multi-tool analyzes, statistics, and management options (e.g. stock management) can be added.

Datamatrix vs. RFID

  Datamatrix RFID
Character strings Low to medium big
Scan on metal reflection, abrasion no problems
Reading rate up to 90% 99%
Rewritable no yes
Scan mode single scan (visual contact) single Scan to automatically read by Gates
Costs low costs (no laser acquisition) moderate
Typical applications packaging & tool packaging & tool
Min. Diameter shaft (at shaft tools) 3mm ø 10mm ø
Mounting on metal - by laser embedded in metal
Balancing necessary no mostly - depending on tool
ID-Security easy to copy can not be copied
ID-Code to assign manually automatic coding - unique in the world



What are the possibilities of affixing DataMatrix?

Band saw blades       End mills/Drills
tool id bandsaege mit datamatrix 1128px tool id schaftfraeser mit datamatrix 1128px



What are the possibilities of affixing RFID?  

Saw blades       Cutter       Toolholder
tool id saegeblatt mit chip eader 1128px tool id p system mit chip reader 1128px tool id toolholder mit chip reader 1128px