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The highest performance for your quality assurance! Especially in the area of laminate and parquet, profiles need to be extremely accurate and constantly measured. In conventional methods, this usually takes a long time and often turns out to be complicated for the user. Therefore, we have developed for the measurement of profiles (among other things Aluminium profiles) a simple, easy-to-use measurement device with a special high-tech camera.

Through the increased illustration, the quality of Profiles can be optimally controlled. The iBlade® ProfilControl quality control brings enormous time savings.The whole profile is represented like a projector, digitally as a live image on the screen and compared using the original DXF contour. The DXF drawing is placed on the screen over the actual profile and both are automatically aligned at point zero. This enables the smallest deviations of the profile to be detected by the original DXF contour. Our specially developed software has a variety of different tools to measure as accurately as possible the profile and the deviations from the DXF file. Subsequently, the required corrections can be made on the machines. With iBlade® ProfileControl we offer a cost-effective and very simple measurement system for profiles with which the measurement can be easily integrated into the production chain. Moreover iBlade® Profile Control can be fully integrated into iBlade® Doku software. With iBlade® Doku the survey data will be automatically stored on the chip.

Additional options:
Colour coding system
Axial runout inspection
Positioning lasers for asymmetrical tooth pitch


iBlade ProfileControl System
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Specially developed Multicolor LED technology

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