Cost Per Part - Analysis

why iblade stueckkosten 1128pxCosts are now the basis for entrepreneurial decisions. With an exact calculation of cost per unit, the success per piece can be optimally determined. The extreme complexity and errors during the manual calculation, can be now prevented by iBlade® unit-cost analysis.

iBlade® unit-cost analysis lists all cost steps such as tool life, repair costs, etc.. The data is fully documented on an RFID chip and processed with our special software. By examining tool life and changing reasons, conclusions about quality and the processes can be made. Thus, the current manufacturing processes can be best optimized. Using the statistics about tools and jobs, costs can be optimally evaluated. The unit-cost analysis allows the comparison of budgeted with actual costs for each component. This analysis is used among other things for calculating the price limit and detecting changes in cost. Through an optimal computation and calculation, huge savings in production costs can be achieved.

The complete life cycle of a tool can be documented with iBlade®

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