doku main screen 1128pxWith the iBlade® Doku it is possible to type (initialize), to register service life, to store repair data and print analysis reports for every tool.
The program offers everything that is necessary to document a complete tool. With a new look which is also optimally suited for touch-enabled devices. Due to different color codes it is very easy and uncomplicated to set up a new tool and its data. The different versions like Basic, Client and Repair differ in scope of service of the software and can be adapted to respective surroundings.

iBlade® Doku is available in the versions Basic, Client and Repair.

iBlade® Doku Basic is the full version
PossibilitiesTool producer / Machine producer / sharpening centers / consumer
Functions: initialization of toolscapture the lifetimedetection of the repair data / report function / acquisition of measurement data

iBlade® Doku Client for final users
Funktionen: capture the lifetime / report function

iBlade® Doku Repair for sharpening centers
Possibilitiessharpening centers
Funktionen: detection of the repair data

doku init eng 1128px     doku rep eng 1128px     doku stan eng 1128px

iBlade Chip in Sawblade
chip in saegeblatt 1128px