SawControl 800V3PRO

SawControl 800v3Pro 1128x636px einzelnSawControl 800V3

Within a value-added chain, smooth production processes must be ensured. The machining processes should not be affected by poor processing of the tools. In order to ensure this standard, an exact quality control is required. With the SawControl 800V2 PRO from iBlade, saw blades with a diameter of 200-800 mm can be measured. The images are automatically measured and documented with our S.A.M. software.

iBlade offers with the SawControl a fully automatic control and measuring system for circular saw blades. The saw blades are fixed to the flange with the help of magnets via different reducing rings. When checking the teeth, parameters such as cutting width, circular and axial run, hook angle as well as clearance back angle can be measured. Our patented four-camera system offers an integrated measuring method for axis, tangential and radial angles without having to change the structure manually. Optical distortions are corrected by our software. Intelligent geometry recognition means that measured values are only assigned to the appropriate tooth group. The diameter of the saw blade is determined automatically at start-up. Non-uniformity, different tooth geometries are recorded in real time without timing and evaluated accordingly. A clearly structured reporting system quickly and easily reveals irregularities. If the marking system is installed, the teeth are marked separately optically. With the included calibration disk, the system is fully automatic and therefore meets the current ISO requirements. We recommend carrying out this process once per semester.


Technical specifications:

  WORKPIECE DATA 5S / 10S 5M / 10M 5L / 10L
General Weight of workpiece <= 15 Kg
  Tooth pitch >= 6 mm
  Length of teeth <= 8mm <= 13mm <=20 mm
  Cutting width <= 4,5 mm <= 6,5 mm
  Hook angle -25° - +30°
  Clearance angle +5° - +45°
  Difference in tooth height <= 1,0 mm
Circular saw blade Outer diameter von 230 bis 800 mm
  Circ. saw blade Ø with adapter (SSA) von 80 bis 250 mm
Steel blades Bore diameter 16 - 80 mm
  Steel blade thickness 4,0 mm 6,0 mm 6,0 mm
Rotary axes R - axis 360°
Linear axis X - axis 500 mm Fahrweg
Height adjustment Y - axis 10 mm
Speed Working speed < 33 U/min.
  Average sound pressure < 35 dB(A)
Measuring machine W x D x H (mm) 1050 x 530 x 480 mm
  Weight 100 Kg
Connections Voltage 230 V+/- 15%
  Frequency 50/60 Hz +- 2%
  Power  max. 1,5 KW
  Fuse 16A

Zusätzliche Optionen: 

small sawblade adapter

Small Sawblade Adapter
Für kleine Sägeblätter von 80 bis 250 mm bieten wir einen spezielle Kit Direktantrieb an.

Possible geometries

Measurement sharpened teeth

Kerf   Schnittbreite Body Thickness   Blattstärke Hook Angle   Spanwinkel
Diameter Kerf Body thickness Hook angle
Top Clearance Angle   Rücken Freiwinkel Tangential Clearance Angle top   Tangential Freiwinkel oben Radial Clearance Angle   Radialer Freiwinkel Face Angle   Achswinkel
Top clearance Tangential clearance angle
left & right
Radial clearance angel
left & right
Face angle / sqare to plate
Bevel angle top left right   Fasenwinkel oben links rechts 2 Geometry detection   Geometrie Erkennung Runout   Rundlauf Side Runout   seitlicher Rundlauf alt
Bevel angle
left, right & top
Geometry detection Concentric Runout Side run out
left & right
Detection first teeth   Erkennung erster Zahn Side Runout   seitlicher Rundlauf NEU Lateral Chamfer Tooth Back left   Rückenfasenbreite FT HT Flachzohlzahn mit Fase 2
First tooth detection Tooth overlap
left & right
Lateral chamfer tooth back
left & right
Hollow face radius


Brazed teeth measurement

Tooth heigth   Zahnhöhe Tooth Thickness   Zahndicke Kerf   Schnittbreite Hook Angle   Spanwinkel
Tooth lenght Tooth thickness Teeth width Hook angle
Top Clearance Angle   Rücken Freiwinkel Face Angle   Achswinkel Bevel angle top   Fasenwinkel oben 2 Tooth centricity   Zahn Zentrizität
Top clearance angle Face angle Bevel angle top Tooth centered


Body jmeasurement

Body Thickness   Blattstärke Pocket seat high   Plattensitzhöhe Pocket seat width   Plattensitzbreite Pocket seat width   Plattensitzbreite
Body thickness Pocket seat high Pocket seat width Pocket seat hook angle
Face angle   square to plate   Plattensicht Brustwinkel
Face angle / spare to plate