iBlade® Cutpedia Toolmanagement 3.0

branchenloesungen cutpedia 1128x636pxThe software “Cutpedia” was developed for the tool management. Functions such as warehouse management, minimum stocks or order proposals are standard in a tool management system. With “Cutpedia”, it is also possible to interact in the automated network with the machines and external partners. This makes it possible to measure the tool life and run-time. The software “Cutpedia” allows an automatic cost / benefit analysis for the article or the individual tool. Communication with external service providers, e.g. re-sharpening services is easy and directly online, if desired. “Cutpedia” simplifies the tool management and saves time.


Software functions

Article Report
Manage your items easily and clearly. Each individual tool is identified by an ID and assigned to the article. This makes it possible to see at first sight how the stock levels are, where the tool is located and how the performance data of the tool are.

With this module, you can easily enter the necessary information about the tool life detection. This module also allows new functions to be used and retrofitted at older machines.

This allows you to enter the service and repair information or to have it transferred directly from the external service provider. You have never been so comfortable with the service information.

Information of the tool can be provided directly to the manufacturer or the external service provider via our WikiCut portal. Because of this, the tools can be optimally assessed, analyzed and improved. With this interface it is also possible to get information from the tool manufacturer to the article plant or to get the information of the sharpening by the service provider.