Tool management

Tool management-WerkzeugverwaltungThe software “Cutpedia” was developed for the tool management. Functions such as warehouse management, minimum stocks or order proposals are standard in a tool management system. With “Cutpedia”, it is also possible to interact in the automated network with the machines and external partners. This makes it possible to measure the tool life and run-time. The software “Cutpedia” allows an automatic cost / benefit analysis for the article or the individual tool. Communication with external service providers, e.g. re-sharpening services is easy and directly online, if desired. “Cutpedia” simplifies the tool management and saves time.


Software functions

Article overview

With our article main view you can see all relevant information about the individual tool at a glance. How many tools are ok and which of them can be sorted out? What lifetime has which tool and what is the sharpening state? Expected repairs as well as expected life time facilitate the quick analysis.

2018 06 Toolmanagement Articlemanager

Objective article report

2018 06 Toolmanagement Reporting eng

Lifetime detection
With this module, necessary information related to the tool‘s recording of life time can easily be entered. This module makes it possible to use and update new functions even in older machines.

2018 06 Toolmanagement Standzeit lifetime


Easy warehouse tool management
All transactions of tools are recorded and saved. Thus, a tool can precisely be located at any time.

2018 06 Toolmanagement Lagerverwaltung eng

The Dashboards offer a quick and clear cost-benefi t analysis. The utilization and productivity of the machines and tools are displayed in colors for a defi ned period of time. The defi nition of this period can be made individuall.

2018 06 Toolmanagement Dashboard eng

iBlade APP
To record the lifetime, repair data or just to retrieve the tool data - Our iBlade APP can be easily installed on Android devices.

2018 06 Toolmanagement APP eng

With just one user-year license (offline or online) you can use the full potential of iBlade Toolmanagement. All updates incl. Support are included.

2018 06 Toolmanagement Preise eng

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