SawControl 800V3 (automatically)

800V3 1128x636px einzeln

Within a value-added chain, smooth production processes must be ensured. The machining processes should not be affected by poor processing of the tools. In order to ensure this standard, an exact quality control is required. With the SawControl 800V2 PRO from iBlade, saw blades with a diameter of 200-800 mm can be measured. The images are automatically measured and documented with our S.A.M. software.

iBlade offers with the SawControl a fully automatic control and measuring system for circular saw blades. The saw blades are fixed to the flange with the help of magnets via different reducing rings. When checking the teeth, parameters such as cutting width, circular and axial run, hook angle as well as clearance back angle can be measured. Our patented four-camera system offers an integrated measuring method for axis, tangential and radial angles without having to change the structure manually. Optical distortions are corrected by our software. Intelligent geometry recognition means that measured values are only assigned to the appropriate tooth group. The diameter of the saw blade is determined automatically at start-up. Non-uniformity, different tooth geometries are recorded in real time without timing and evaluated accordingly. A clearly structured reporting system quickly and easily reveals irregularities. If the marking system is installed, the teeth are marked separately optically. With the included calibration disk, the system is fully automatic and therefore meets the current ISO requirements. We recommend carrying out this process once per semester.


Technical specifications:

Diameter 10” to 31.5”
Hook angle -25° bis +30°
Blade thickness <10 mm / 400mil up to .394”
Teeth length Up to 20mm / 750mil
Teeth width 0,1 – 8 mm / 4-334mil .004” to .315”
Voltage 110V (60Hz) - 230V (50 Hz) necessary


Only with Marking System Option
(min. 5 BAR / 80 PSI)
Rim speed < 33rpm
Dimensions 1050x530x480 mm (l x w x h)
Weight 120 kg / 221lb
Colour RAL 5018
RFID standard DIN ISO 15693


Equipment features - Standard:

• Holding flange ø100 mm for circular saws ø200-500 mm with incorporated magnets - suitable for Vollmer system
• High-precision linear guide with play-free rotary table
• User Software „S.A.M 3.0“
• 4 high resolution special cameras
• Protective housing - to isolate extraneous light
• True RGB lighting unit - self-developed
• Reducing rings from Vollmer ø16 to ø30 mm
• RFID iBlade Classic Reader
• Calibration disc
• High-performance PC
• 27‘ Touch panel to operate

Zusätzliche Optionen:  

800v2 pro zubehoer markierer

Marking system
The marking system was developed for the non-contact application of color dots on metallic surfaces. The circular saws to be marked can be at a standstill or in motion. The system consists essentially of the control unit, the ink system and the marking head and enables the marking of circular saws with inks of different colors and properties.


800v2 pro zubehoer bandsawhalter

Bandsaw Halter:
The band saw holder was developed for the final control of band saws. The attachment is screwed to the standard holder and requires an assembly time of less than 2 minutes. For the measurement of the coil of the band saw, a piece of approx. 15-20 cm is separated and attached to the band saw holder. The S.A.M software detects the band saw and automatically adjusts itself parallel to the axis. With the patented camera position all necessary angles can be recognized and thus a fully automatic final control can be documented.


800v2 pro zubehoer kleine saegen

Small Detektor:
The „Small Detector“ has been developed to measure small circular saws such as scoring or hand saws with the SawControl. This serves to lengthen the linear axis by the rotational axis diameter so that there is no collision with the protective housing. The attachment can be changed with a few hand movements and enables the measurement of circular saws of 100-200mmØ.


800v2 pro zubehoer stahl geometrien

Add on - Stahlgeometrien
The software add on for steel circular saw blades facilitates S.A.M a more accurate measurement.
Because of one-way saw blades are partly coated, the reflection of the coating is going to be measured and the lightning will be adjusted to the individual coating. With the specially developed lightning bodies the intensity and exposure strength perhaps can be adapted through additional coloring. In addition there are further geometries and surveying features included. The classic “chip groove” is measured by the radius, feeding angle, outlet angle and the negative chamfer of both flank sides. The head is analyzed with two other cameras. These surveyed the sideward back chamfers and chip breaker. It can also be documented if the geometry has a breast chamfer or oblong incisions on the chest.