PILANA Wood is one of the leading manufacturers of TCT tipped circular saw blades in Europe.
Its product range spans over variable cutting application from natural wood, chipboard, aluminium and other non-ferrous metals, plastics to steel in its many types and shapes. 
PILANA Wood offers its own manufacture of:

1. TCT tipped circular saw blades for cutting of natural wood, chipboard and other wood-based materials as well as none-ferrous metals, plastics and other materials
2. TCT or CERMET tipped circular saw blades for cutting of ferrous metals, namely steel
3. Narrow band saws up to 50 mm width for cutting of wood
4. PCD diamond tipped circular saw blades for cutting of wood, aluminium and other materials

Constant attention is paid to the production improvement and automation. These measures, together with long-lasting experience in production since year 1934 and low costs, enable the company to offer high quality products at competitive prices. PILANA Wood regularly exports 80% of its products to over 75 countries world-wide.

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