CUTPEDIA TM stock inventory

why iblade lagerinventur 1128pxWith iBlade® warehouse management, our solution for specific industry-sectors, tools are identified, integrated into the environment and automatically organized.

The tools are measured with tool presetters such as Zoller or Kelch. The measurement data is stored on an RFID chip glued into each tool holder. This chip stores all relevant tool data such as diameter, rotational speed, number of teeth, etc. In addition, the name of the tool manufacturer can be transferred directly to the chip. The protocols described, depending on the tool settings, are automatically detected. After a successful tool setting, the tools are stored, for example, on a chariot. In stored state, the tools can be optimally recorded and documented with the high flexibility of iBlade® Classic Reader. The stored data are injected via interfaces into the respective tool management software (such as iBlade® Doku, TDM ...). The iBlade® Warehouse Management helps optimize, simplify and accelerate the inventory. With iBlade® Classic Reader it is possible through the large free space to detect almost any tool.

Simple mobile detection tools